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How Your Donation Works
  • Needs Are Identified

  • Charitable Donation Is Given

  • The Foundation Puts Your Donation To Work

Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Cape Fear Valley Health. Our mission is to serve the community by building awareness and philanthropic support for Cape Fear Valley Health. Our vision is to improve the health and wellness of the region we serve. All contributions go directly to programs and services which impact patient care. Through gifts made to the Foundation, patient care is enriched and our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors benefit from warm blankets, state of the art equipment, cuddly teddy bears and many more enhancements to their care, all because of your generosity.

The Foundation compiles a list of the needs and our community board deploys the funds. Last year the patient experience was enhanced by purchasing a patient lift. Training equipment was purchased. Equipment to provide a more effective method of location of tiny veins for our smallest patients is now available. All because of donors like you.

And It's Not Just About Helping One Need.

Every Need Matters

Through the Foundation, you can be sure your gift is put to the very best use. The needs are great and there is much work to be done. We, like you, want the very best care for our community. Just imagine how you can impact our community by providing better care. Please join us today with by investing your charitable contributions to make a difference in the health and wellness of our community.


Our Events
Step Up 4 Health & Wellness Expo

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Cape Fear Valley Health Gala

Community Events

Help Us

Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation appreciates the many groups and organizations throughout our region that have raised money on our behalf. If your business, social club, civic group, church, sorority, fraternity, scout troop, sports team, class or other group plans to have a fundraiser on our behalf, please contact the Foundation at least one month prior to your planned event.

Make A Difference

We've Impacted Our Patients In More Ways Than One

Programs Funded

Overcoming Challenges

Areas of Greatest Need

Funds donated have the flexibility to be used to meet the greatest patient care needs of Cape Fear Valley Health

Honors the legacy of physicians in our community while providing resources which strengthen the shared vision of the medical staff.

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Irene Thompson Byrd Cancer Care Endowment
Mammogram Services for the Uninsured

Funding for projects which enhance the care of patients in the Cape Fear Valley Heart and Vascular Center.

A permanent source of funding to support the diabetic care provided in the Cape Fear Valley Regional Diabetes and Endocrine Center.

Nursing Scholarships
Physician Residency Program
Research Fund

Family Centered Care
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The Children's Center

Who We Are

Board and Staff Members

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are passionate about quality healthcare in this region.

Board Members
  • Ryan Aul, President
  • Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Vice President
  • Lynda Clark, Secretary
  • Dr. Marion Gillis-Olion, Assoc. Secretary
  • Chris Dixon CPA, Treasurer
  • Davis Puryear, Assoc. Treasurer
  • Margaret Ann Alligood
  • Thomas "Bucky" Brown
  • Mary Flagg Haugh
  • Peggy Holt
  • Dr. Karen Jones
  • Jessica Kouba
  • Dr. Walson Metzger
  • Chris Neil
  • Paige Ross
  • Marcos Soltren
  • Charlene Wyatt
  • Ex Officio Members:
    • Michael Nagowski, Chief Executive Officer
    • Sabrina Brooks, Vice President
Staff Members